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What is Search Engine Optimization?


Search Engine Optimization

by the Top SEO Agency in Orlando

Most companies aren't even familiar with what SEO really is... In many cases, our clients have been burned in the past with a number of different strategies that are either bad practice by Google or just a scam.

In fact, we even teach a mini-course on the basics of SEO, which you can have for free. Plus we built and own - offering fast, free seo reports for you! Just shoot us a message - with these tools you'll learn enough to manage your website by yourself, but in our opinion, hiring The 407 Group is always the best way to go!

We'll handle all Your Search Engine Optimization

Expert Consultation

We're the top SEO consultants in Orlando. Do any other SEO consultants own

We've got our system down so well, we made this SEO reporting program to help you understand the basics of SEO and what you could do to fix your own site.

Discover & Strategy

After a consultation, the next step is to identify the reason behind why you're interested in SEO and dive into the strategy we need to use.

There are many difference reasons you might want SEO help - for more inbound leads, to drive more traffic to your site, or just try to beat out your competitors.

Technical SEO Training

While most of our clients simply want us to do what we do best, there are a few that want us to train them on SEO best practices.

We offer a free mini-course, just shoot us a message and I'll send it over. For the majority of people, this course is enough to understand what SEO is, but it is still a time-consuming task to complete.

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Special Deals

We are currently running a special on our SEO programs, that gaurentees you will get more reviews on your Facebook and Google page. Ask us about it, below!


Are an essential piece to getting better search rankings.

Choose Your Plan



One time

Submit your information on 90 listing sites

Basic SEO Report

SEO Strategy Call

Guaranteed listings



3 month minimum

Submit & maintain your information on 90 listing sites

Monthly reporting

Monthly Strategy Call

Up to 5 pages

On and Off Page SEO

Access To Review Requesting Software

Guaranteed Results



3 month minimum

Submit & maintain your information on 150 listing sites

In depth monthly reporting

Monthly Strategy Call

Up to 15 pages

On and Off Page SEO

Access To Review Requesting Software

Link boost through blog outreach

Quickest way to rank

Guaranteed Results

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We will call you in 20 mins. We answer all questions and tell about our services.

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