Consistency is Important for Business Blogging Success

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When you start out posting to your business blogging, your readers get accustomed to your style of writing and the content you’re producing. They come to rely on it and if you deviate from it, they may discontinue reading or feel they arent at the right blog. Obviously we don’t want this to happen, so below are some important keys to help you stay consistent on your business blog.

Branding your business blog is the key to retaining and building your readership. Branding is simply creating a look that is uniquely yours, including your business logo, your picture or an image that people will automatically associate with you and your business. If you have a blog that is separate from your business website, be sure your brand is consistent throughout both. Even if your brand is simply an avatar of you, having it somewhere on your blog will let readers know they are at a blog that belongs to you.

Being consistent as far as the appearance of your blog goes is also key. Use the same colors, fonts and images on your blog that are on your website. You want your customers and readers to know they are at your blog when they first arrive. If you have a logo for your business, use it on your blog. If you have a custom header, use it throughout your site.

How often you write is also important to your readers. Your readers rely on hearing from you on a regular basis, whether that is every day or once a week. If you start out writing every day then all of a sudden drop off to once a week, they may turn away, thinking youre not doing business as much or whatever. If you have to change how often you post to your business blog, let your readers know with a simple post. Or better yet, send message to your readers on your email list. Take care of your readers by letting them know you care about them.

Not only is being consistent important for how often you write, but consistency is important regarding what you write about. The purpose of a business blog is to introduce readers to your products and services, inform readers about what you have to offer them, let readers know how your products and services can benefit them and to increase sales. With that in mind, the content of your business blog, your blog posts, should always do just that. Dont be all over the place talking about subjects that arent pertinent to your business. If you start talking about your mom or your spouse or other things that have nothing to do with your business, you will lose readers fast. They come because they want to know about your business, not your personal life, or whats going on down the street (unless of course it has to do with your business).

Being consistent with your style of writing, the appearance of your blog and what you write about will keep readers consistently returning to your business blog and increasing traffic to your business!

Jay Nisbett is the founder of The 407 Group. During his studies of Real Estate and Entrepreneurship at Florida State University, he was exposed to the scalable effects of digital marketing through his first digital venture, Tails Casual Outfitters. After learning pain points of the digital world, he took to building a platform to get other brands everywhere - The 407 Group was born to help build the local area’s businesses to BE EVERYWHERE they need to be to achieve their success, too, online and offline.

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