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Press releases are a new style of writing, featuring information to announce or promote a business or an accomplishment. Companies usually distribute press releases to announce a sales achievement, to introduce a new startup, because of wining an award, to promote an upcoming event or contest and for a variety of other reasons. For example, […]

Finish with the headline: The headline of a press release will often determine if the reader even bothers to keep reading. A simple trick to create a headline that is engaging and on topic is too work backward, write the story first and then decide on an appropriate headline. Include a photo: If you choose […]

Just about every business has a certain group of people they’re trying to reach, aka their target market. Using a business blog is a smart tool to use for that very purpose. Here is how to use your business blog to reach your target market. First, you need to determine who your target market is. […]

If you have a business blog but arent using social network marketing to promote it, you are losing out on literally hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of potential readers and customers. Social network marketing is becoming, if its not already, the number one way businesses are marketing today. This is because the potential to […]

Your business blog is probably the single most important tool you can use to gain added traffic to your business and/or your business website. Whether your business blog is part of your website or a separate entity, it is important to know how to focus your blog to help drive customers to it which, in […]

When you start out posting to your business blogging, your readers get accustomed to your style of writing and the content you’re producing. They come to rely on it and if you deviate from it, they may discontinue reading or feel they arent at the right blog. Obviously we don’t want this to happen, so […]

Include the right contact information: If you are creating a press release to showcase a new web based podcast or book, then you should include the web address to this specific location. Including a general Web site link could end up leaving potential customers confused and will not help you get sales or increase views. […]

Once you get your business blog up and running, you will want to begin building your email list. Building your email list for Business Blog is not too complicated and it requires using a mailing list management system. To begin, you will need to have a form on your site where people can register to […]

An infographic is a graphic way of depicting a story or data in a visually pleasing manner. Usually, they are vertically designed with three or more points of interesting data. Infographics are usually 600 pixels wide and 1800 pixels long. Some people have tried horizontal infographics but mostly they are vertical because that is how […]

Not all small businesses can afford the expense of hiring an outside writer to create professional press release. Even some that could, would prefer to keep expenses down and create their own press releases. If your business plans to send out several press releases a month there are simple tips that can be used to […]